Hotel Ararat at Polistar, Istanbul (TR). In collaboration with Christian Danielewitz, 2014

”The view from my compartment had hardly changed for days. I was travelling overland through a barren winter landscape, a white monochrome, intersected by a dull, endless repetition of black poles and wires. Identical frames in an infinite loop. This was the backbone of the land, the central watershed and the source of the great rivers; the Tigris and the Euphrates. In the horizon, mountain chains of folded limestone, with sediments of volcanic rock and basalt, spread out like crusted, palaeozoic blisters on the face of the earth.


I had set out to document this contested geography, a rural wasteland roamed by hostile stray dogs, but there seemed to be a problem with my camera. Some kind of malfunction, that occured with increasing frequency, as I travelled further east. I couldn´t advance the film, the lever stuck in the dead cold. As a devastating consequence, I was forced to expose several rolls to the cool daylight: Canyons, rivers, mountains and villages - almost everything I had recorded, - instantly faded to black.”


Hotel Ararat is an exhibition by Anu Ramdas and Christian Danielewitz, developed during their 6 months residency at SALT in 2013. It is their first show in Turkey, and their first collaboration as well.










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